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Cold Water Extraction

Are you facing a seasonal flood, leaking pipe or a faulty fire sprinkler? We will provide fast and efficient cold water extraction services to remove standing water and reduce the cost of existing damage to your property. We specialize in cold water extraction to restore your property back to working condition again. We work fast, arrive on site within 30 minutes and always provide a professional service to customers.

We begin cold water extraction by removing all traces of water from the site. This technique allows our technicians to see where existing damage has happened to better understand a plan of attack to restore the damage later. We isolate affected areas to prevent secondary damage from occurring. The more time that passes, the worse off your property will be. Contacting a professional water damage company can save you time and stress in the future.

We provide a high-quality service as we take a comprehensive look at the affected areas. Water easily seeps into nooks and crannies you might not be aware of, and this can cause future damage to the foundation of your property. Once we remove all standing water, we use an infrared camera to locate hidden water pockets to ensure all water is removed from the site.

As we pump water through high-volume submersible pumps, we store the excess water in tanks and then dispose of it according to EPA regulations. We use various sized wands that suck most of the water from hidden places. We restore homes and commercial properties with our expertise and state of the art technology. Using the right equipment we can finish the job in a timely manner.

After cold water extraction is complete we complete the next steps of the restoration to prevent health risks to you and those that you live or work with. When water is left unattended it can result in mold or bacteria to growth leading to illness. If we have time on our side, we can stop this secondary disaster from happening by removing all water fast enough and getting to the other drying and cleaning steps. Being aware of how important it is to not waste precious minutes when dealing with water issues, we are on duty day and night, ready 24/7 to dispatch a team to your door in less than 30 minutes and start the extraction procedures. All you have to do is give us a call at (714) 475-7158