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Commercial Restoration

Disasters of any type never choose when and where to strike. From burst pipes and leaking faucets to fire disasters and storm damage your commercial property is constantly in danger. If such a disaster is to happen to you it is always good to know that there are companies that offer high-quality restoration services for your commercial property like small and big office buildings, restaurants, small retail stores, motels, high-rise office buildings, manufacturing\industrial buildings and military and government buildings.

24 Hour Huntington Beach Water Damage handles all above mentioned and much more. We are experts in our area of work and have worked on all sorts of commercial restoration jobs. There is no office too small and no problem too big that our team of professional workers can’t handle. We hire only the best people who are experienced in this line of work and put them through additional training so we are sure they are capable of dealing with any problem that might arise during the restoration of your commercial property. We work with the same passion and fire as the day we started our business. We know how many families rely even on the smallest of businesses so we will do everything that is in our power to restore it to its previous state.

We do our commercial restorations in carefully thought out phases. This means that we will assess the damage done to your property and work with you to determine what the essential and most important things are for your business so we can restore them first. With this approach, you will be able to start working even before we finish the whole process. Of course, not every part would be running, but at least you would be able to communicate with your customers and inform them of the situation. As business owners ourselves we will work around the clock to get everything back and running so you and your employees can go back to providing for your families.

Commercial restoration is similar to the residential, but differs in a few areas. As with residential restoration, we will start by cleaning the mess created by the disaster. Remediation work on the floors and walls will soon follow and after that comes the polishing and detailed cleaning. This is all standard procedure that varies a little bit from case to case, but what makes a big difference between commercial and residential restoration is the recovery of sensitive data and devices businesses have.

During floods or fires, your papers, and electronic devices can get damaged or even destroyed. Luckily, our technicians are well-trained in data recovery services. We will do our best to restore and dry out your paper documents and recover the data from your computers and other electronic devices. This is not an easy task and requires a lot of knowledge and the right set of tools. Technicians at 24 Hour Huntington Beach Water Damage come with both knowledge and tools. We are proud to say that we have successfully restored a number of commercial properties and to this day haven’t failed a single customer.

Besides restoration and data recovery, we offer cleaning services and mold remediation of commercial properties. Mold is particularly destructive and bad for your health. It not only affects the structural integrity of your building, but also causes some serious health problems like allergic reactions, asthma attacks, sinus infection, etc. 24-Hour Huntington Beach Water Damage workers are fully equipped and trained to deal with such contamination. We will isolate, kill and stop from spreading any mold that has contaminated your offices or other commercial property.

But mold is not the only problem you might have. The odor that is left after the flood can be toxic, so properly neutralizing it is essential. We have the right set of tools and will gladly help you with any smelly problems. Also, if you are in need of any deep-cleaning services, feel free to contact us. Our industrial grade equipment and experience workers will handle this with ease, regardless of the type of surface and size.

If you find yourself having any of the above-mentioned problems contact us immediately. Time is of the utmost importance in these delicate situations. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year and will do our best to restore your precious business to its former glory.