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Insurance Billing

Disasters strike out of nowhere and when we least expect. We are usually caught off guard by them and left to deal with a lot of problems that come after them. On top of dealing with restoration process, you will probably have to deal with the paperwork for your insurance agency. We at 24 Hour Huntington Beach Water Damage are fully aware that filing a complaint to your insurance agency is the last thing on your mind. That is why we will be there for you even through the insurance process.

We are not your typical water and fire restoration company. We approach our every client as a friend with a complete understanding of their problems. Throughout all these years we are active, we saw a number of different disasters and all of them had the same part, dealing with insurance agencies.

Insurance agencies are well-known for their grueling complaint processes. Filling paper after paper will take you so much time and frankly, this shouldn’t be your number one concern. That is why we will assign one of our workers to help you with all of this. They can fill forms for you so you get some idea of what works and what doesn’t with insurances. We will write a review of the restoration process and even be your eyewitness if necessary. Our people will always be available for you if you have any questions about insurance process.

But if you want to skip all of the things mentioned above, we offer a direct insurance billing option. We will handle everything for you so you can focus on getting your life back together. Our representatives will fill all necessary documentation and file it to yours’s insurance agency. This is the best option for all parties. You will get your restoration bill taken care of and we will get paid for our services. On top of that if you decide to go this route the whole insurance process will be done much faster without any delays and wait time.

For additional information, contact us at our number (714) 475-7158 or through our Contact Us page. We are always up for a chat with our customers and have no problem answering any type of questions you might have for us.