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Residential Restoration

When a disaster happens in your home and all your life becomes affected by it, it is a calming feeling to know that there is someone who will help you deal with it. 24 Hour Huntington Beach Water Damage is your friend first and residential restoration company second. We know how personal and impactful residential disasters are, so we will do our best to help you overcome this disaster that has come into your life out of nowhere. Regardless of the size of the job our workers will work with the same fire to restore your home to its deserved state.

Residential restorations are delicate jobs and require a lot of expertise and experience. Luckily, our 24 Hour Huntington Beach Water Damage technicians come with both. They are perfectly trained and educated in handling any type of disaster. From fires and floods to storms and contaminations we will take care of everything while you find the place for you and your family to stay. Residential restorations are even more delicate than commercial restorations because we are dealing with personal stuff and potential loss of home.

We know your belongings mean a lot to you and many memories are linked to them. That is why our workers will do their best to restore even the smallest pieces of your house if possible. We are family people ourselves and can fully relate to the situation you are in. 24 Hour Huntington Beach Water Damage technicians will work night and day to prepare your home for your family.

We specialize in all types of residential restorations. We are fully equipped to handle any type of damage your house might have suffered and will do our best to restore it to its former glory.

Water damage mitigation

When dealing with water damage mitigation time is of the essence. First 48 hours are crucial because a lot of bacteria and microbes start forming in this time frame. That is why we are at your service 24 hours a day. In case you have such an emergency contact us immediately and we will be well on our way to your location to minimize the damage and start the restoration process. The sooner we get to you and start our damage mitigation process the lower the cost of everything will be.

Mold Remediation

Mold is one of the worst contaminations your house can possibly have. It is hard to remove and sometimes it is really hard to find its source. On top of that, it is really bad for your health. But this is nothing our team of technicians can’t handle. We will locate, kill and stop from spreading any mold that has affected your house.

Fire damage mitigation

Fire by itself is enough to cause huge damage to your house, but as if this wasn’t enough the smoke and ash residue that stays after the fire is extinguished can even be worse. If left untreated, it can corrode your metal and glass surfaces as well as cause respiratory problems because of its acidic contents. But don’t worry, we will deal with this problem for you and you will be back to your standard way of living sooner that you might think.


Scrubbing and cleaning surfaces that were affected by floods or fire is virtually impossible with regular cleaning solutions and can be even dangerous because of the possibility of contamination. We at 24 Hour Huntington Beach Water Damage have special cleaning formulas and tools that help us clean any type of surface with ease. If you decide to hire our services we will clean every spot, stain and smell from your carpets, hard surfaces and even air ducts.


When it comes to odors there is no commercial cleaning solution that can help you deal with this problem. That is why our workers use industrial grade ones that are capable of removing and neutralizing any type of smell and odor from your home, carpet or upholstery. Remember to contact us as soon as the disaster happens. We will dispatch one of our teams to immediately start the restoration of your residential property so your costs are kept to the minimum.