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Smoke Clean-up

Fire disaster doesn’t just burn your property there are a lot of different damage types that come right after the fire department has extinguished the thing. Things like smoke, ash, and even water are all left behind the firefighters extinguishing process. And more often than not these are the hardest things to take care of.

Property covered in soot and water and rooms filled with noxious smoke are not just hard to restore they are also very harmful to your health. In order to properly restore your property, you will need a team of professionals that are fully trained in handling such situations. 24 Hour Huntington Beach Water Damage is one such company and we have a team that is more than capable of handling any type of fire and water restoration.

We are a proud company and we take great passion in what we do. Our workers are honest and compassionate people with all necessary certifications for handling restoration works of any type and they will do their best to help you restore every piece of your property from fire and smoke damage. Restoration is not a job for the untrained person and certainly not a job for one person, so let us help you. We will gladly take off some of the load from you and help you restore your property to the pre-fire condition.

Our smoke cleanup process consists of three stages, initial cleaning, smoke smell removal and smoke damage cleanup. All three stages are equally important and we will carefully carry out the work on all three of them. In order to provide you with the best possible service, we use a specialized set of equipment and tools that greatly help us in these situations.

Without the proper equipment and knowledge, you are endangering yourself and everyone else around you. There are choking hazards, floor, walls and even foundation structural hazards so please don’t try to tackle this job by yourself in order to save some money. We assure you that not all restoration companies are overpriced. 24 Hour Huntington Beach Water Damage is one such company. We have built our company on principals of honesty and fair price and to this day we carry out our business on them.

Initial cleaning

Our team of experts will firstly assess the size of the damage done to your house so you have a price estimate. After everything is agreed upon we will start with the cleaning process.

Firstly, we will clean your whole property with HEPA vacuums. These vacuums are specially made to remove any loose particulates. Next up is cleaning of glass and metal surfaces. This is time-sensitive and needs to be done as soon as possible otherwise corrosion will eat through them.

Also, if some water is left after fire department efforts, we will immediately start dehumidification and water extraction process so no further damage is done to your property.

Smoke smell removal

Smoke odor is pretty hard to get rid of. Luckily, our workers come equipped with industrial grade tools that help them in these situations. Usually, this procedure starts by setting up hydroxyl generators. These generators produce environmentally safe hydroxyl compound that easily removes any odors in the air. For individual belonging like furniture, appliances, décor, etc. we have separate restoration procedures that will get your belongings to pre-fire state.

Smoke damage clean-up

After all of the above is done, we can begin with the real cleaning process. Soot is hard to get rid of, but we have a special cleaning solution for every type of surface that helps us scrub soot with ease. This process might take a while depending on how much soot there is, but once we are finished your home or office will be spotless.

If you ever find yourself in these unfortunate events know that with 24 Hour Huntington Beach Water Damage you are not only getting quality service, but also a friend that will be by your side all the way through this. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us, we are more than happy to answer them.